How Much Does it Cost to Install Ducted Air Conditioning?

cost install ducted air conditioning

How much ducted air conditioning costs really depends on the type of property and a range of other factors that need to be taken into consideration before being able to provide an accurate quote.  Let’s have a closer look at some of those factors. Usually, when we’re asked by a homeowner to provide a quote […]

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Split Air Conditioning System?

Thanks for the question Lorraine, this is certainly a common one. As always cost is dependent upon the type of house, how large the rooms are, and of course what your requirements are, but there are a few basic guidelines that you can go by in terms of pricing. Of course, your budget is an […]

How Can I Reduce My Air Conditioning Electricity Bill?

Looking for ways to save money on your electricity bill when air conditioning is concerned is a question that we’re often asked here at Penair. There’s definitely a few things you need to be mindful of, which we’ll cover below. The most obvious answer is to use your air conditioner less. Having it cranked up […]

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Great question Lyn and one that we get frequently at Penair. There are a few things you need to be mindful of before you make your final decision. At the end of the day, it really depends but having said that, here’s what we usually recommend. It’s not always easy to answer the question of […]

Air Conditioner Noise Regulations NSW

air conditioner noise regulations nsw

To say noise and air conditioner planning requirements are a contentious issue would be one of the understatements of the century.  There can be good grounds for complaint… Unfortunately, there are some neighbours out there just looking for an excuse to have a whinge and make your life difficult.  So let’s look at things in […]