What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Smells Bad

A smelly air conditioner can be caused by a whole host of different things. Of course, if your air conditioning unit smells, it’s always best to have it looked at because if left, it has the potential to cause illness. When your air conditioner begins to emit a foul smell, it’s a sure sign that […]

Can I Service My Air Conditioner Myself or Should I Call a Service Technician?

Basic maintenance such as replacing or cleaning filters can usually be carried out by homeowners. In fact its usually recommended as part of basic care, however servicing is always best left to qualified professionals. Many parts of most modern air conditioning systems can’t be accessed without the correct tools, equipment and of course the required […]

How Much Does it Cost to Relocate an Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit?

Great questions Michelle. There are a few things that you need to consider when shifting an external air conditioning unit, all of which can affect the cost. I’ll outline a few of those considerations below. When we relocate an outdoor air conditioning unit on your property, it is done in two phases.  The first step […]