Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly?

The reasons why an air conditioning unit may not be cooling properly could be due to a number of things. It may need re-gassing, ductwork could be damaged, it could be an electrical fault. Below are a few things we see in most cases, however its always best to give us a call if the […]

Why is My Air Conditioning Unit Not Responding to the Remote?

If your air conditioning unit is not responding to the remote, we recommend you follow these steps before you book a diagnostic callout. Check the remote First, check if the display on the remote is working by seeing if you can read the information on it. If not, a simple fix of a battery change […]

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

Air conditioning units that stop working unexpectedly generally indicates a fault, however, there are exceptions that can be sorted out easily. Here are a few things you can try, but if the system fails to respond it’s best to give us a call. The first step is to check if the remote is working and […]

How Do I Book a Service for My Air Conditioner?

Booking a service with us is easy. It’s always best to give us a call and we’ll organise to come out and inspect the unit. However, there are a few things you can do as part of customer preparedness. You have two easy options to book a service with us. You can call us and […]

How to Choose your Daikin Air Conditioner

It’s easy to get confused when researching your options for an air conditioner.  One of the easiest decisions is that it should be a Daikin, but thereafter there is a multitude of different systems to choose from. Air conditioning system finder Use our handy system finder below to help narrow down the type of system […]

How Often Should you Have your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Great question John and one that we receive frequently here at PenAir.  Annual servicing is usually sufficient however there are a number of exceptions to the rule which might require more frequent servicing intervals. As said, in most homes, where an air conditioner has been installed for general use, an annual service is usually sufficient.  […]

What is Carried out During an Air Conditioning Service?

What gets done during an air conditioning service depends entirely on the type of system you have, when it was serviced last and whether or not the system is in need of repairs.  Of course, all of this should be taken into account when it comes to price. The steps carried out in a standard […]