‘What are my ducted gas heating running costs going to be?’ This question gives rise to probably more other questions than answers, but we’ll answer as many as we can…

Ducted gas heating running costs calculator
  • Please work your way through the form in its' entirety to get the most benefit from it.

    Have a look at the latest bill from your current gas supplier. Depending upon where you live, which provider you are with and what plan you are on, you may have several different rates for different times of the year and/or consumption levels.

    Please also remember this only calculates the gas consumption cost. On top of this you will have the daily standing charge for having a gas supply, plus the electric cost of running the system. (primarily the fan)

  • Get this information from your manufacturer's website or brochure.
  • Here are the costs in cents per hour to operate your ducted gas heater at its' rated capacity (100%).
  • However, ducted gas heaters rarely run at 100%. To try to get a realistic idea of a gas heaters' running costs we should calculate two other variables; those when the gas heater runs at 70% and at 40%. Why? Because the heater will cycle on and off when it reaches set point (temperature) and 70% and 40% are fair reflections of likely running times.
  • So, here's two more calculations showing the 70% and 40% costs.
  • Finally, if you want to know your ducted gas heater running cost during the course of a whole day, you'll need to know how many hours you intend to run it and at what capacity and what tariff.

    So, fill in the boxes below as much as you need to and then you'll see the total daily cost.
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  • I’ll assume you’re on mains natural gas here because LPG in bottles is horrifically expensive.
  • You’re metered in, and pay by, Mega Joules (MJ). Have a look at the specifications of your system.Ducted gas heating running costs
  • Help yourself! Don’t set silly temperatures because you’ll really pay for it if you want 30C inside your house when it’s -5C outside.
  • Get the very best insulation in your ceiling, walls and floor that you can.
  • Double glazing is amazingly effective at keeping the heat in.

So, have a look at the calculator above and fill in the boxes to see what it all costs…

Also be sure to check out our page on air conditioner running costs.

Ducted gas heating running cost, Example 1

Let’s look at a family of four living on the Northern Beaches. Again we need to make some realistic assumptions…

  • It’s winter time!
  • Dad works full time and Mum looks after the house and the kids.
  • It’s term time so the kids are at school 8.30am to 4pm.
  • They have a 23.7kW system from Lennox, a G61MPVT-60C-090, with 8 floor outlets throughout the home.
  • They have reasonably good roof and wall insulation.
  • They are on a standard plan with the cost of gas at 3.08c/MJ

So, let’s look at the costs…

So, it’s going to be a really cold night and Mum turns the ducted gas heater on at 3.30pm; she sets set point at 20C and makes sure all external doors and windows are closed.

The system runs at 100% for 30 minutes then 70% for another 30 minutes before settling down to 40% for the rest of the day and night. They turn the system off the next morning at 8am, 30 minutes before everyone leaves home for the day.

Using the above calculator we can see that the total cost for this 16.5 hour period was $20.15


Sorry about this bit, but… Although Peninsula Air Conditioning Pty Ltd believe all the facts, figures and calculations are correct it will not accept any liability for your use of, or reliability upon, any information presented above. If your circumstances warrant it we suggest you employ the services of a suitably qualified Mechanical Engineer.

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