A disconnection of your air conditioning system(s) would require two technicians. If you are wanting the system reconnected, we will assess what is required at disconnection and then forward you our recommendations via email. A full test of the system will be carried out before disconnection. Please advise the technicians where you would like the system stored (on-site), until reconnection is possible. Please ensure you choose a dust free environment; we also suggest you cover the system with plastic or a tarp.

If the disconnection is going to take us longer than the time we have allowed, due to difficult access or how the system has been install originally, then we may need to return to complete the work. If you no longer require the system, we are happy to dispose of it for you.

If you are wanting your system relocated we would still do this in two stages. Disconnection first then we would forward you our recommendation via email for reconnection at a later date. Relocation/disconnection of systems can invalidate your manufacturers warranty especially if not carried out by a qualified air conditioning technician.

It is generally not advisable to move air conditioning systems once they are installed. A once perfectly working system may not work once relocated and repairs can be required. However sometimes this is unavoidable especially if you are having renovations and/or building work carried out. Please ensure you give us plenty of notice for us to be able work in with your builder/trades person, etc.

At times other trades are willing to disconnect air conditioners for them to be able to do the work they require. Please be aware that it can invalidate your installation warranty with us, it may also invalidate any warranty you have with the manufacturer.


Any handling of Refrigerant Gas needs to be carried out by a licensed trades person. Air conditioning systems, especially older systems, can contain refrigerant gas that is harmful to the environment. There are rules and regulations on how refrigerant gas is handled and disposed of and this is governed by The Australian Refrigerant Council, also known as ARC, who can hand out hefty fines for non compliance. We, as a company, and our technicians individually, have our ARC licences. So when having a system disconnected or relocated please ensure that the refrigerant gas is managed by a licensed tradesperson.

You can check licences here: