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  • Accepting our quote then becomes a contract – meaning the client agrees with the terms and conditions listed below.
  • All equipment installed shall remain the property of Peninsula Air Conditioning until payment has been received in full.  Peninsula Air Conditioning has the right to enter the premises where work has been performed and recover the equipment if a default is made on payment.
  • We take full responsibility for the repair of the components installed.  However, we do not take responsibility for any consequential damages to property after the installation is complete and the system has been commissioned.
  • In the case of systems installed during construction, adequate space or access panels must be left to enable full servicing of the systems installed.  Any costs incurred due to inaccessible systems are to be borne by the client, irrespective of whether the system has been commissioned.
  • System maintenance is the owners’ responsibility; drains, filters, etc., should be cleaned regularly to avoid any damage to the property.  Water damage is not covered by warranty, nor is any repainting.
  • The client acknowledges that the following shall be the sole responsibility of the client; cleaning filters, blown fuses, cleaning of drains, blockage of condenser/evaporator coils, and failure of any equipment to function correctly through the incorrect setting of any controls.
  • Suppose in the event a service call is placed, and it is found that the equipment is operating normally or malfunctioning due to misuse or negligence by the client or the equipment has not been adequately maintained by a licensed air conditioning company by the manufacturer’s recommendations.  In that case, the client will pay the service call and labour and material costs.
  • Warranty service will be performed during regular business hours, Monday to Friday.  Any work requested outside these hours will be charged at “out of hours” rates.
  • Warranty will not be covered if it is found equipment is damaged by outside influences beyond the control of Peninsula Air Conditioning.  Some examples of this are incorrect voltage, vandalism to equipment, flood, fire, lightning strike, and modifications to equipment carried out by unauthorised personnel.
  • In some circumstances planning approval may be required before the installation of any outdoor units depending upon the Council involved; it is the client’s responsibility to determine whether this is the case and to obtain any necessary approvals that may be required.  Peninsula Air Conditioning will help with this in any way it can, e.g. providing drawings of equipment locations, etc.
  • Peninsula Air Conditioning is not responsible for any existing electrical installation.  Any unforeseen conditions to aerial or underground mains will be at the client’s expense unless quoted explicitly in writing.
  • Peninsula Air Conditioning is not responsible for any electrical upgrades from the street mains to the switchboard unless specifically quoted in writing; we also have licensed electricians and can provide free advice.
  • Peninsula Air Conditioning is not responsible for boxing in, positioning and the space required for the droppers.  In some circumstances, due to the structure of the building, some quoted outlets may not be accessible.
  • If we replace an existing system, including the ductwork, we can only replace what is accessible to us on the day.  Dropper ducts and hidden inside walls can generally not be replaced.
  • Peninsula Air Conditioning is not responsible for structural changes and making good.
  • When walking through ceilings whilst installing, it is not our responsibility to repair any damage to ceilings from gyprock fixing screws or gyprock joins pushing through the set due to modern truss roofs flexing; we will take all care in trying to avoid this eventuality.
  • Peninsula Air Conditioning is not responsible for minor cracks and blemishes that may appear in ceilings and walls where duct outlets and return airs are installed; this can be an unavoidable occurrence due to the construction techniques used in modern houses and older fragile ceilings.  All care will be taken in trying to avoid this eventuality.
  • Rarely are issues found with the existing circuit during installation, but if they are and it is deemed a new circuit is required, a qualified electrician would need to be engaged.  This can be arranged with our electrician, or you can organise your own.  An additional cost would be incurred for our electrician to attend, and would unlikely be carried out on the same day.  We would need to return to connect and commission the system once a new circuit is installed.
  • We strongly recommend that the client who was present during the quotation process is present during the first half an hour of installation to precisely confirm the locations of both indoor and outdoor units, trunking, etc.  We have found that this is advantageous for both parties to avoid misunderstandings.
  • We may need to drill (a) hole(s) in the structure of your property to run the refrigerant pipes and electric cables to the outdoor unit.  Whilst this is perfectly safe, there can be problems with water pipes or electrical wires hidden within the walls.  We would ask you to let us know the location of any obstacles before we drill.  If we haven’t been advised of this and hit a water pipe or electric cable, we cannot accept any liability for any damage.
  • If you ask us to do something for you at your home that is not to do with air conditioning or is not included in the scope of work, the technicians may assist you at their discretion.  However, if any issues occur, we can not be held responsible.
  • Installations must be commenced within three months of proposal acceptance.  If not, the price may be subject to rise or fall.
  • Design assumptions are adequate insulation throughout the building and suitable shading to external windows.
  • Access panels are required for system maintenance and must be installed (by others).
  • Asbestos – We sometimes come across asbestos.  If you know your house has had asbestos, please let us know before installation.  Asbestos would need to be removed by a professional and could delay the completion of your installation if found on the day of installation.