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  • Daikin Manufacturing Facility Sydney

    One of the things about multi-national businesses is that they invest in the countries that they operate in.  This sounds obvious but the general public can be wary.

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    Daikin Manufacturing Facility Sydney
  • Daikin SKYFi Controller

    Just released! Control your Ducted air conditioning from your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) via your Wi-Fi network or internet, from anywhere, any time.

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    Daikin SKYFi Controller
  • Daikin electrical requirements

    There have been a number of changes to these recently and this post aims to lay out clearly what is required. There’s a couple of things to watch out for straight away…

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    Daikin electrical requirements
  • Noise & planning requirements

    To say air conditioner planning requirements are a contentious issue would be one of the understatements of the century. There can be good grounds for complaint…

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    Noise & planning requirements