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An air conditioner is a necessity in some parts of the world.  Although the mechanics may sound simple, it is a complicated mess of various tidbits that make your unit run efficiently and well.

Your local HVAC repairman should be able to provide tips and suggestions to improve and keep your unit in the best condition possible.

For those who do not keep regular maintenance of their AC units, they might run into various problems that will keep cold air from being in the house.  Most issues may not be serious but should be fixed professionally to avoid further damage.  Regular upkeep of your air conditioning system will prevent significant damage and will allow you to enjoy those hot months in comfort.


Noisy Air Conditioning System

If you used to have a silent or relatively silent air conditioning system and all of a sudden it starts to be noisy, it might be time to call in an expert.  Most noise is due to clogged or dirty fans and filters.

Cleaning all these parts is something best left to someone who knows what they are getting into.  Aside from débris, the culprit can also be worn belts or even loose attachments or tightenings.  The latter possibility is more serious and will necessitate a proper diagnosis.

To avoid potential damage, it is best to get any suspicious noise checked right away.


Air compressors require adequate ventilation to provide the best air conditioning.  The air compressors are located outside and should be in a clear area.  Any furniture, plants, or the like should be removed if it is blocking proper ventilation to the outdoor compressor.

A sufficient inflow and outflow of air from outside will make the air indoors fresher and colder.  It also prevents heat buildup in the air compressor.  This ensures a longer life for your air conditioning system.

It is wise to keep the compressor at least three feet away from anything that can potentially block airflow.


Your air conditioning system is designed to drain water and collect it into a pan that will then drain through a line away from your house.  However, the pan will sometimes overflow or the line will clog.  As a result, drainage issues arise.

Drainage issues can also result in a working air conditioner, but one that does not actually produce cold air.  Backed up water may also cause damage to the building, house and surrounding areas.

Water damage is no laughing matter and can be very expensive if left unchecked as time goes on.  Leaks and water spots may be the most obvious signs of drainage issues.  A specialised HVAC technician should look into this issue and quickly to prevent the most damage.


The issue may not even be your air conditioning system but the thermostat.  Thermostats may not give the correct reading.  This can be frustrating when you are trying to adjust the best temperature for your household.

Check to see if your thermostat is damaged, dirty, placed directly in sunlight, or is not in a level position.  Any of those reasons can make your thermostat give incorrect readings.  Clean the thermostat and place somewhere level with no direct sunlight and see if the issue is resolved.

You may also choose to invest in a programmable thermostat that will save you energy and give accurate readings.  If problems persist, you should call a technician.


This issue can come forth due to numerous reasons, the most common problem being a frozen evaporator coil.  A working air conditioning system – as in the fans move – but with lack of cooling effect is a job for a professional.

It could be a complicated problem like the motor, or a simple thing like a low refrigerant level.  However, only an expert will be able to pinpoint the problem without causing further damage to the unit.

It is best to leave the air conditioning off until the issue is identified and fixed.  This is to keep the unit from overworking itself and causing even more wear and wasting needless energy.


It is important to regularly maintain your air conditioning unit at least monthly or every two months.

This regular maintenance is simple and involves replacing old filters and cleaning dirty filters.  It also checks and clears ducts, the surrounding area around air compressor and the thermostat.

These simple tasks will keep your air conditioner in better condition.  They will decrease the probability of having serious problems in the near future.  Most maintenance can be done at a low cost through a trusted company and in the long run, you will end up saving money.


Believe it or not, but many air conditioning issues are actually related to your household habits than the unit itself. For starters, it is important to close all windows and doors for better air conditioning efficiency.

Also, having a sealant applied to window air conditioning systems will keep warm air from entering and cold air from exiting. Sealing your door spaces underneath with a special cloth roll will help prevent air from escaping as well.

Using curtains that are known to block sunlight and heat will also boost the efficiency of every air conditioning system. Another alternative to curtains is using blinds or even bubble wrap on windows for better insulation.

If your stove does not have a ventilation hood to suck away the hot air from cooking, it might be time to buy one – this will also make your AC unit work less.


Unless you are a professional yourself, it is wise to get an expert’s evaluation on almost any air conditioning issue you may have. Having a problem evaluated before it gets even more serious will save you money and will keep you from suffering through the heat.

Managing your air conditioning system requires time and expenditure. But it delivers invaluable comfort to your home and loved ones. Heat exposure can be a serious health risk if not taken seriously, so be prepared and keep your AC running smoothly this summer.