Our maintenance program is for regular servicing of both domestic and commercial air conditioning units.

Maintenance is generally carried out quarterly, but can be varied to your requirements

We would want to assess your systems and requirements and would initially book you in for a general service of your systems to assess all these things. We can then create a bespoke contract for you. Our contracts are for 12 month periods, that roll over after 12 months.

Once you accept our recommendation we will contact you each time your maintenance is due. We use a field management system that logs all your systems and will keep a record of when they are maintained along with any issues or repairs.


Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your system/s clean and running efficiently. Your system(s) may seems to be working well at the moment, but during extreme’s is when a system can malfunction, regular maintenance, can help prevent this from occurring.

Regular maintenance of your system(s) will also save you money on your electricity bill, as well as enjoying the benefits of the system(s) working as efficiently as it can and can help towards prolonging the life of the system.

Air conditioning systems are NOT maintenance free and do require regular attention. You have made a substantial investment in your system(s), and regular servicing will protect this. If you look after your air conditioner system(s) you can enjoy climate controlled comfort for years to come.

Air Conditioner manufacturers will state in their warranty card what is the ‘owners responsibility’ and these can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our air conditioning service will cover this as well as covering items that we believe can be troublesome if not maintained, such as:


Can build up in unmaintained system(s) and have unpleasant smells as well as health repercussions.


An air conditioning service will generally take 30-90mins per system, depending upon the size and type of the system and locations. This is what is carried out during a service:

  • Check controller and that all functions are working properly
  • Check air flow
  • Clean grille / face cover
  • Check gas levels / running pressures
  • Check condensate drains
  • Clean Filters
  • Inspect condition of condenser coils
  • Inspect electrical components
  • Check general condition of indoor and outdoor units
  • Clear any debris away from outdoor unit
  • Wash/Wipe down outdoor unit

Please note: all of the above may not be required – it depends on the type of system installed and if access is available.