Peninsula Air Conditioning has been providing professional air conditioning services across Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore, Inner West & Eastern suburbs for more than 20 years.

Our team of qualified technicians can provide assistance in all areas of air conditioning for both residential and commercial properties. We specialise in –

  • Ducted gas heating
  • Multi-split air conditioners
  • Split systems
  • Daikin VRV systems
  • Ducted air conditioning

If you have a question or need some help, please give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.


Domestic air conditioning

We specialise in residential installations, from split systems into existing homes to larger bespoke air conditioning and gas heating solutions for homes under construction. We have dealings with everyone involved in the process including homeowners, builders and architects. With more than 25 years of experience installing and repairing domestic air conditioners in homes around Sydney, you’ll have total confidence in knowing the job is done once, and done right. Click here to view our residential air conditioning solutions.


Commercial air conditioning

Peninsula Air Conditioning has worked with businesses in Sydney for over 25 years to provide the ideal climate for employee comfort and commercial needs. Our qualified technicians will work with your business on installations, maintenance, and repairs to minimise downtime that can affect productivity. Click here to view our commercial air conditioning solutions.

Types of Air conditioning Systems we specialise in

Peninsula Air Conditioning are experts at the following air conditioning systems. For more information, please see below.


Types of Air conditioning Systems we specialise in A split air conditioning system has an indoor and outdoor unit; the indoor unit can be wall mounted or floor standing and is connected by pipes and cables to the outdoor unit. They come in different energy sizes, the smallest being a 2.0kW system and the largest being a 9.4kW system. Learn more about Split Air Conditioning


Ducted Air Conditioning system has an indoor and outdoor unit; the indoor unit can be placed in your roof cavity or under the floor of your house (subject to access). Pipes and cables to the outdoor unit then connect to the indoor unit. These systems comes in many energy sizes, the smallest being 5.0kW and the largest residential being a 25.0kW system. Learn more about Ducted Air Conditioning


Multi Split Air Conditioner can have several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit; the indoor units can be wall mounted, floor standing or bulkhead units and are connected by pipes and cables to one outdoor unit. Learn more about Multi Split Air Conditioner Systems


Daikin VRV air conditioner systems are used to custom design larger buildings, such as commercial multi storey blocks or large luxury houses. They combine state of the art electronics with the very best of Daikin’s engineering design. Learn more about VRV Air Conditioner Systems