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When selecting a fixed air condition for your home, there are several factors to consider. The number of rooms in your home, the layout, your style, and your budget all come into play.

When you book your free site survey with Peninsula Air Conditioning we will look at all these features and recommend the best options. Features include heating and cooling, dehumidifying, wifi integration, allergy aware, and whisper quiet.

Benefits of Air Conditioners for Bedrooms

  • They transform a sleeping zone into one of comfort by reducing humidity and controlling the temperature.
  • Pen Air installs ‘whisper quiet’ air conditioners, which won’t disturb your sleep. They also enable you to keep your windows closed at night, which will block out traffic and other external noises.

Benefits of Air Conditioners for Lounge Rooms

  • This is the space where a family tends to gather together. An air conditioner keeps this communal space comfortable for all.
  • The size and layout all affect the type of system we’ll recommend. For example, the lounge room may be open plan and connected to the kitchen, which increases the heat load in the room. We’ll recommend the most appropriate system.


Split system air conditioners are ideal for cooling or heating a specific area of a home. We offer installation and support for a wide variety of Daikin split system air conditioners, including wall or floor standing models. A split system can be cooling only, reverse cycle or even humidifying for use all year round. Customers can also choose from inverter and non-inverter air conditioning systems

About the Daikin inverter split air conditioning system

  • It’s very energy efficient and quieter than many other brands.
  • It uses small and frequent fluctuations rather than long periods of air bursts to combine near silent operation while optimising power output.
  • By gradually increasing and decreasing power output regularly to maintain desired room temperature, it avoids the loud and wasteful ‘stop/start’ method used by conventional split systems.


A multi-split air conditioner is a good choice if you want to air condition more than one area and need to control the climate of each room individually. It’s also a great alternative to a ducted system if roof and underfloor space are limited.

About the Daikin multi-split air conditioner system

  • It can have up to five indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. A super multi plus air conditioner system can have up to nine indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.
  • It comes in different energy sizes, the smallest outdoor unit being 5.2kW and the largest 15.5kW. The capacity of the outdoor unit determines how many indoor units can be run at full capacity simultaneously.


Ducted air conditioning systems are a great choice if you want to condition the air in more than one room or area.

About ducted air conditioning systems

  • They’re among the most energy efficient solutions for maintaining the perfect home temperature.
  • They come in a range of capacities (5kW to 25kW) to deliver the power needed to service any size home.


VRV air conditioning systems are often used in luxury residential homes because they allow a wide and varied selection of indoor units and control systems to connect to one or more outdoor units.

This is Daikin’s top of the range system, which is designed specifically for your needs. It uses Daikin’s in-house design tool, VRV-Express, to determine the best system and design for you. Our directors will put together a bespoke design for a VRV air conditioning system. After discussions with you, your builder and architect, and reviewing your plans, a fully detailed quote will be submitted to you.

For residential construction, we can work from drawings in either PDF or DWG format. We can liaise directly with your architect and builder to ensure we propose a solution that enables your air conditioning to fit seamlessly into your home; however, prior to delivering a firm quotation, we will need to meet with you, preferably on-site, to discuss matters further and ensure we are quoting you for precisely what you want.

If this is of interest to you, please get in touch.


We specialise in residential installations, from split systems into existing homes to larger bespoke air conditioning and gas heating solutions for homes under construction. We have dealings with everyone involved in the process including homeowners, builders and architects.

We are fully insured with $20 million of public liability cover, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical Licences and we are a member of the Housing Industry Association. With more than 25 years of experience installing and repairing domestic air conditioners in homes around Sydney, you’ll have total confidence in knowing the job is done once, and done right.

Contact us and we will find the right solution for your home.