Air conditioning service is regular maintenance to keep your system(s) clean and running efficiently.

Air conditioning systems are not maintenance free and do require regular attention. We recommend that your system(s) is maintained annually as a minimum or, depending upon the environmental conditions at your location, twice a year as the seasons change

You have made a substantial investment in your system(s), and regular air conditioning service will protect this. If you look after your air conditioner system(s) you can enjoy climate controlled comfort for years to come.

Air conditioner manufacturers will state in their warranty card what is the ‘owners responsibility’; these can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our air conditioning service will cover this as well as covering items that we believe can be troublesome if not maintained, such as:

Can build up in unmaintained system(s) and have unpleasant smells as well as health repercussions.

Servicing AC Unit Cost

New Client

$295per visit

Additional Systems $185ea

Existing Client

$275per visit

Additional Systems $170ea

Maintenance Agreement

$255per visit

Additional Systems $155ea

What is carried out during Air Conditioning Servicing?

An air conditioning service will generally take 30-90mins per system, depending upon the size and type of the system and locations. This is what is carried out during a service:

Air Conditioning Servicing: Optional Extras

Sometimes the technicians assess dirt and mould build up within the fancoil/indoor component of your air conditioning system. If this happens we would recommend an internal clean (not included in the general service). This would include dismantling the system to undertake a thorough clean.

An internal clean may not seem worth while, but here are a few reasons why you should really consider having the work carried out:

  • The mould and bacteria build up is being blown into the area with the conditioned air and could result in illnesses.
  • The system will be working harder and will require more electricity to work resulting in higher electricity bills.
  • Fans with built dirt up can go out of balance and may need replacement in the future; along with the system working harder the system may fail sooner that it may have done.

Domestic Agreements

Our products come with a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind. Check your product documentation for details or contact our support team for assistance.

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