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Keeping your air conditioner clean is the key to ensuring it works at its best all year round. Dirt, dust, and cobwebs build up with use – or even during the months when you’re not using your unit. This puts a strain on your system and can cause it to wear out prematurely or under perform.

When it’s dirty your air conditioning unit also has to work extra hard to deliver cold air, which will increase your energy use. You’ll save up to a third on your air conditioner running costs just by having it cleaned by Peninsula Air Conditioning.

Of more concern, mould and bacteria can contaminate your system, which can then affect the health of your family. A dirty unit also spreads bad odours throughout your home or business. Regular cleaning will prevent this and protects vulnerable family members or staff, like those with respiratory problems, asthma, or hay fever.

Pen Air offers specialised cleaning services. This has the following benefits:

  • It rids your system of contaminants
  • It helps your system perform more efficiently
  • It increases the lifespan of your system
  • It keeps your family healthy
  • It saves you money by reducing energy bills


As a general rule, you should clean your air filter when the filter light flashes, but this will vary depending on the air quality in your home and other environmental factors. In more dusty or polluted environments you should clean your filters more regularly. As a rule of thumb, you should clean your filters once every season, and once a month for commercial applications.

The moist environment created inside your air conditioner creates conditions that make it conducive for mould and bacteria to grow and flourish. This can happen in as little as three months. They tend to collect in areas that are hard to reach, such as the indoor coil, fan and drain pan and. Peninsula Air Conditioning use specialised HVAC cleaning products that will also reduce the rate of recontamination.


Cleaning filters is just part of what we do when we service your air conditioner. There other important things that we can check and do, such as clear your condensate drain, that would be difficult for you to do yourself. So even if you clean your filters regularly yourself, we would still suggest professional cleaning at least once a year.

When one of our trained and licensed technicians takes care of your air conditioner, you know you’re protecting your investment and getting the most out of it. Apart from keeping it running efficiently, our team will address issues before they become more significant problems.

When we clean your HVAC unit, we will also do the following:

  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coils
  • Make sure the system has the correct refrigerant charge
  • Tighten and check all electrical connections
  • Flush the drain and clean and repair the ductwork
  • Recommend new parts and replace faulty ones
  • Educate you about the best air conditioner settings for your home
  • Offer you a quality service that is 100% guaranteed.


Most air conditioning ducts are concealed within ceilings and walls. Our technicians are trained to repair ducts in hard-to-reach places. This is not a task you should attempt on your own. Trying to clean your air conditioner by yourself may expose you to moulds and other contaminants. Our technicians use safety gear to ensure their safety and that of your family.

Pen Air uses specialised cleaning products and technology to clean your system. This enables us to reach deep into the system guaranteeing clean air and a more efficient and effective system.


It’s also wise to work with a professional as attempting to clean it on your own could void your unit’s warranty. Peninsula Air Conditioning is licensed to clean all major makes of air conditioning in Australia.

Did you know, to ensure your warranty is valid you, as the owner, are responsible for the following?

  • Regular cleaning of the air filters and replacement where necessary
  • Ensuring that the air inlet and outlet on the outdoor unit is kept clear of any obstructions
  • Ensuring that the condensate drain is kept clean
  • Replacement of exhausted batteries
  • The application of additional corrosion protection if the product is installed in a corrosive environment (e.g. Industrial pollution, sea air).


If you’re still not sure if your air conditioner needs cleaning or want to find out more, feel free to contact Peninsula Air Conditioning. We’ve serviced Sydney’s suburbs for over 25 years and know the unique cleaning requirements for your local area.