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Earn More Faster with Skilled Trades

There is a myth that the only way to get a good job out of high school is to go to university. But it’s simply not true. This is not to say that you shouldn’t continue to get an education once you graduate, but that education doesn’t need to come from a professor. The truth is that you can earn more money faster, and even have better job prospects and stability, if you learn a skilled trade. When you get an apprenticeship with Peninsula Air, you jump-start your career. The average wage of an apprentice is considerably higher than minimum wage, and the potential for earning as a full-time air conditioning technician is great. Consider this: in Australia, the average annual salary for someone between the ages of 21 to 34 is $58,635. But the average salary of an air conditioning technician is $80,463!  And that doesn’t even include the fact that you’re not having to pay tuition to get your education. You don’t need a scholarship or a loan to get you to that salary. Instead, you will be hired as an apprentice air conditioning technician and begin earning up to $29.99 an hour while learning on the job. 

Freedom Comes From the Skilled Trades

There is a freedom felt as a skilled tradesperson that you won’t find in other jobs. When you become an air conditioning technician, you become that for life. You won’t be working in an office, doing the daily grind. You can be out on your own. You can start your own business if you want to. And you will have fascinating things to work on every day, doing real work to help real people with real problems. There is satisfaction in the job. Just think of how grateful people are when their problems are solved–you will be the one to solve those problems! When someone’s air conditioning is out, in the heat of the summer, you will be like a superhero coming to the rescue. No one wants an aircon problem, but they are so grateful when service is restored. Compare that freedom and gratitude to working in an office. How many people feel grateful to an accountant or a banker or a salesperson? It’s pretty rare. But being able to solve peoples’ problems all day, every day? That’s job satisfaction.

Job Satisfaction + Good Salary = A Great Position

When you love what you do, and when you get paid well for doing it, a job doesn’t really get much better. And when you can get both of those things–job satisfaction and a good wage–right as an apprentice while other people are working low-paid, part-time jobs while they slave at school, then you’re doing really well. 

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