What Does a Flashing Light on my Air Conditioner Mean?

Sydney resident, Lynne asks
“We’ve got a green flashing light on our air conditioning control panel in the living room. What does this mean? Is this a fault or something serious we need to have looked at?”

Modern air conditioning systems are sophisticated pieces of electronic equipment. The outdoor unit circuit boards typically have inbuilt technology designed to protect the system, which is why you occasionally notice the green power light flashing on and off. Don’t be concerned – it doesn’t mean your air conditioning unit needs repair or is faulty. Most times it simply means the system needs to be reset.

The electronics in modern airconditioning systems are sensitive. A spike in the power supply can play havoc with them, particularly during electrical storms or other events that might cause fluctuations in the units power supply. When the system detects an overvoltage, it may be triggered into a self-protection shutdown mode, and consequently, the green light will begin flash. This is an automatic response to protect the unit from the increase in voltage. Consider it a preventative alert to avoid damage to the system.

Another consideration, in the case of a multi-split system, is your settings. Where you have a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units, all the indoor units have to be on the same mode setting. Having one on heating and another one on cooling will lead to imbalances, causing the system to not function and as a result, you may receive a flashing green light.

Other possible causes may have to do with the refrigerant, something stuck in the fan or a damaged power chord. These require a qualified air conditioning technician to check the cause of the fault and repair it safely, so give us a call to schedule a service if the following advice doesn’t clear the light.

Troubleshooting a flashing green light

If the unit has developed a fault, as indicated by the indoor green operation light blinking, you’ll need to switch off the isolator, leaving it off for 20 seconds or more before turning it back on. This will allow the system to reboot and reset, which should resolve the issue.

You should find the electrical isolator switch next to the outdoor unit. These are installed as a safety measure to easily cut power to the system during maintenance, relocations and repairs.

If you’ve tried rebooting the system and the flashing green light persists, give us a call. Be sure to take note of the steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot the issue before calling as any additional information can help us resolve the issue for you.

Is your aircon flashing a green light?

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