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Our air conditioning technicians at Penair have been working in Randwick and Sydney’s Eastern suburbs for over 20 years installing, servicing and repairing all types and brands of air con systems.

Whether you need some help choosing and installing a new system, it’s time for a service or your unit has developed a fault, give us a call today or contact us online.


Why choose Penair?

We’re a family firm that have made a name in Sydney for our high standard of service, transparent pricing and friendly attitude, and our experienced technicians have the credentials to support our promise of excellence.

  • We service all air conditioner brands and are an approved Daikin dealer and installer
  • We have the relevant licences from Fair Trading for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical work and ARC for handling refrigerants
  • We are a trusted member of the Housing Industry Association
  • All air conditioning installations and repairs are backed by our guarantee
  • Our technicians are available 7 days a week

Installing new air conditioning in Randwick

Our local technicians install all makes and models of air conditioners in domestic and commercial premises. We’ll first complete a thorough assessment of your property so we can recommend the best air conditioning solution for your needs and your price range. These may include:

Split system air conditioning

Split systems involve separate indoor and outdoor units. They may be ideal if:

  • you only need to cool or heat a single room or several rooms
  • you want to save on installation and running costs

Multi-split air conditioning

Multi-split systems connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor compressor. They can be a good choice if:

  • you need to cool or heat up to 5 rooms
  • you don’t have the space for a ducted system

Ducted air conditioning

Ducted systems cool or heat multiple rooms at the same time. They could be the best choice if:

  • you need a solution for your whole house
  • you want your air conditioning to be out of sight

VRV air conditioning systems

Daikin VRV systems are custom air conditioning solutions for large homes or commercial buildings. They could be suitable if:

  • you need to cool or heat a larger building
  • you want complete control over climate and other functions

Air conditioning repair and services Randwick

Routine servicing helps air conditioners to run safely and efficiently and helps prevent common problems. Our local technicians will recommend the ideal service schedule based on your air conditioner and your local environment.

A standard service includes:

  • Detailed inspection of the system
  • Cleaning the filters and units
  • Checking airflow, refrigerant level and electrical connections
  • Carrying out any repairs or replacements needed


Having an aircon issue? Give us a call

Whether you need a new air conditioner, want to schedule routine maintenance or need emergency repairs, get in touch with our local air conditioning specialists near Randwick today.

Call us on 1300 889 309 or contact us online to schedule a service and get an obligation-free quote. We’re committed to providing effective and affordable solutions for all air conditioning needs.