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With over two decades of experience working in Cammeray and the broader Sydney metropolitan area, Peninsula Air Conditioning has earned the reputation as a trusted installer of air conditioning and gas heating units.

We also offer maintenance and repair services – backed with our 100% guarantee. We also know how frustrating it can be when your unit is broken. That’s why we have a 24-hour callout service. Plus, when you book a technician to come to your home in Cammeray, we will prebook a dedicated slot. This means you won’t have to wait around at home all waiting for us to show up. Your convenience is important to us at Pen Air.


We are an authorised dealer of Daikin, considered to be the best quality aircon on the market. We’re certainly impressed with their product range, service, and integrity, which is why we choose to work with them too.

There are three leading Air Conditioning solutions you can choose from, although we also offer stylish, bespoke solutions.

  1. Split System Air Conditioning

This is an excellent solution for heating and cooling individual rooms in your home and also work well in compact spaces.

A Split System Air Conditioner works when you  have separate rooms in your home. You may only want to air condition your bedrooms so you can close your windows at night to block out noise and remain cool and comfortable, for example. The compressor will be installed outside your house, and the unit that passes air into your home house is discreetly wall mounted or provided as a compact floor-standing unit.

  1. Multi Split Air Conditioning Solutions

This works well if you want to heat and cool up to 5 rooms in your home. It’s suited for homes that can’t accommodate ducted air conditioning because they don’t have sufficient roof or underfloor space. They allow you to control room temperatures individually.

A Multi-Split Air Conditioner lets you run many air conditioners linked to one outside compressor. You can control the temperature in individual areas. You can also choose different units to suit the style of each room. The choices range from wall mounted, to duct connected, floor standing ceiling suspended or a cassette type unit.

  1. Ducted Air Conditioning Solutions

Ducted Systems heat and cool your entire home and are recommended if you want a stylish, discreet look.


All fixed air conditioning systems should only be installed by a licensed professional installer, like Pen Air. We carry an ARCtick of approval, which means we are licensed and qualified to handle refrigerant gases safely.

Our technicians are highly experienced, certified installers, and come with Daikin’s 5-year Manufacturer’s product warranty.

Attempting to clean and maintain your system on your own is also not recommended. Pen Air’s technicians are trained to work with all brands of air conditioners and will not void your warranty. We use safety equipment for protection against potentially harmful moulds and bacteria. We also use specialised cleaning products that prevent contaminants from reoccurring.


In addition to installations, Peninsula Air Conditioning offers ducted and split system air conditioning service and maintenance. The service includes

  • Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils
  • Making sure the system has the correct refrigerant charge
  • Tightening and checking electrical connections
  • Flushing the drain and cleaning and repairing the ductwork
  • Replacing faulty parts
  • Recommending the best air conditioner settings for your home
  • Offering you a quality service that is 100% guaranteed.


Our team will assess your home and find the most suitable location for an outdoor unit if you choose a system that requires one. We’ll talk you through the installation process and provide a detailed written quote. When we install your system, you have the option of signing up to a maintenance program to keep your unit working beautifully for years to come.