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When you want air conditioning repairs, maintenance or even a replacement in Fairlight, Peninsula Air Conditioning can help with all your HVAC needs. All Pen Air technicians have years of experience and are fully qualified and insured.

Since air conditioning issues can crop up at any time, our service department is available 7 days a week to assist you. We service all big brands of air conditioning in Australia and are an approved Daikin Air Conditioner installer. We offer full guarantees on all our installation and repair work and are licensed and insured with all the necessary Australian regulatory and certification bodies to give you peace of mine.

With over two decades in the business, we’ve earned a trustworthy reputation and won’t let you down.


We specialise in air conditioner repairs, but new systems are more affordable than you think. If you find your energy costs rising throughout the summer months, it may be time for a new air conditioning system. The recent models are more energy-efficient and will decrease energy costs in your home.

Newer model air conditioners are quieter than the older models and have high tech features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and allergy control. At Pen Air, we are likely to recommend one of the following systems when you inquire about installation. They are all suitable for different spaces and layouts of homes, but we’re committed to finding you one that will provide comfort for years to come.

SPLIT AIR CONDITIONING – Split system air conditioners, including a wall or floor standing models, are ideal for cooling or heating a specific area of a home.

MULTI SPLIT SYSTEMS – If you want to air condition more than one area and need to control the climate of each room individually, this is the aircon system for you.

DUCTED AIR CONDITIONING – If you want to condition the air in more than one room or area, this is a good solution that is energy efficient and won’t take up wall space.

We also install VRV custom designed air conditioning systems in many luxury residential homes and commercial projects.


Keeping your air conditioner clean is the key to ensuring it works at its best all year round. Dirt, dust, and cobwebs build up with use – or even during the months when you’re not using your unit. This puts a strain on your aircon system and can cause it to wear out prematurely or underperform. Here are more benefits:

  • Eliminate allergies and other issues caused by moulds and bacteria.
  • Cuts out fire hazards caused by dust and lint restricting airflow.
  • Saves on energy bills by improving system efficiency.
  • Gets rid of odours and removes skin flakes and hair that microbes grow and feed on and remove insects.
  • Removes dust and pollens that cause asthma.

We also offer maintenance programs when we install an air conditioner. However, if you’ve moved into a new space and want to ensure the existing air con system is maintained correctly, we can help you too. We work with all brands of air conditioners. These are some of the services that are included:

  • Condenser and evaporator coils cleaning
  • Checking you have the correct refrigerant charge
  • Checking and tightening electrical connections
  • Flushing the drains
  • Checking, cleaning and repairing the ductwork
  • Inspecting your unit thoroughly. We will recommend repairs to help extend the life of your air conditioner and ensure maximum energy efficiency too.


If you’re having airflow problems, have a leak or find your system is no longer keeping you fresh, we can help! Give us a call, and we send one of our friendly technicians round to sort out your problem.