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Peninsula Air Conditioning has been working in East Lindfield and Sydney’s Northern Beaches for more than 20 years. Our focus has always been on supplying every customer with quality products and installations, ongoing maintenance, and support to ensure your HVAC systems work efficiently. We offer a 100% guarantee on all repairs, and this confidence in our quality work has earned us a reputation as the go-to air conditioner service provider in East Lindfield and beyond.

Penair is a selected Daikin Specialist Dealer but can assist with servicing and repairs on all brands of air conditioning systems. An annual service will not only improve the efficiency of your system, but it will also increase its lifespan. That’s why it’s vital you choose to work with a qualified team that is fully licenced and qualified – just like Penair.


  • We specialise in maintenance and repairs and work on  Split systems, Multi-split systems, Ducted systems,VRV systems
  • WE Work With All Brands  We are licensed and accredited to maintain all major brands of HVAC systems so your warranty will remain valid.
  • Local and Experienced  We are a local business with expertly trained technicians to maintain your units effectively.
  • We’re On Call  Our emergency team offers 24/7 services in the North Shore area.
  • We Are Covered  Penair carries Public Liability cover and is insured for Workers Compensation.

Penair has built our excellent reputation over the past two decades because we put our customers first.


If you are building a new home, Penair will work with you to find the best solution. We install VRV systems in larger homes as they allow a mix of indoor components that are connected to one or multiple outdoor units. This creates a bespoke climate control solution.

If you are retrofitting a home or looking to install a new aircon in your house, apartment, or commercial property, we also have several affordable solutions.

Split System Air Conditioners

These energy-efficient air conditioners are designed to regulate the temperature in specific areas of your home for quiet, efficient comfort.

Multi-Split Systems

With no ducting required, this is an easy and efficient option. This system gives you the flexibility to control multiple rooms connected to one external unit.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted systems are popular to install with new builds. They are blended into the design of the house with discreet vents delivering cold air.


Penair recommends a regular service and maintenance schedule for your HVAC system. There are many benefits:

  • It ensures your system is meeting warranty requirements
  • It keeps your aircon running smoothly and efficiently
  • It allows us to clean grime and dirt from the system to improve air quality
  • Can prevent a breakdown before it happens

Wondering what you can expect from a service? A full inspection of the system will allow us to recommend repairs to help extend the life of your air conditioner. We also ensure maximum energy efficiency of the system. The scope of work on your HVAC system will depend on the type of system you have and the condition it is in, but the following will usually be included.

–  Condenser and evaporator coils cleaning

–  Checking and tightening electrical connections

– Flushing the drains

– Checking, cleaning and repairing the ductwork


The friendly and experienced team at Peninsula Air Conditioning can help with all your system needs. When you work with Penair, you know that you will get the best service and backup around. All our technicians are fully licenced and backed by ARCtick certification. We are fully licenced and certified and have a 20-year track record in East Lindfield.