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If you are a Point Piper resident, or live nearby, you’ll be thrilled to know that Peninsula Air Conditioning offers our excellent services in your area. We’ve worked with thousands of clients in the 20 years we’ve been operating in Sydney’s suburbs. We specialise in installations, repairs and maintenance – with quality service being our number one priority.

All our friendly technicians have years of experience, expertise and are fully qualified and insured. They work on all makes and models of air conditioners and we are an approved Daikin Air Conditioner installer. Penair offers guarantees on installation and repair work plus is insured with the necessary Australian regulatory and certification bodies. With Pen Air you know you’re working with the best.

Tired of waiting around for technicians to arrive? Pen Air will book a specific time for our crew to visit your property so you won’t waste time hanging around. It’s just one of the ways we put our customers first!


We offer a maintenance program that provides regular servicing of domestic and commercial air conditioning units. Here’s how it works:

  • Pen Air assesses the systems and performs a comprehensive service.
  • We create a bespoke contract for you.
  • We contact you each time your service is due.

You are not just a number to us. We keep track of your maintenance plan and any issues or repairs we’ve provided in the past.

A service includes all the items indicated in a warranty contract and depending on the system may consist of a check on the:

  • controller
  • time clock setting
  • airflow
  • gas levels and running pressures
  • condensate drains
  • fan motors and fan coil fins
  • ductwork and connections
  • operation of zones, compressors and condenser fans

A service includes an inspection of condenser coils and electrical components. We also clean the return air grilles and filters.


While the annual servicing of air conditioning systems reduces the risk of them breaking down and improves their lifespan, there comes a time when repairing benefits are outweighed by replacement. We know installing a new cooling or heating system is a significant investment. Still, it can pay off with better comfort levels, lower energy bills, and the end of urgent repair call outs. New systems are not as expensive as you think, quieter, and come with Wi-Fi connectivity and allergy control.

At Pen Air, we work with the following systems. Each one is suitable for different spaces and layouts. Please speak to us to get advice on the best solution for you.

SPLIT AIR CONDITIONING – we work with wall and floor standing models that work well to cool or heat a defined area of a home or business.

MULTI SPLIT SYSTEMS – an ideal solution if you want to cool multiples areas individually.

DUCTED AIR CONDITIONING – these are recommended when clients want to condition the air in more than one room or area, and don’t want to take up wall space.

Penair also installs Daikin VRV custom air conditioning systems in luxury residential homes and for commercial projects. We work closely with builders and architects.

Ducted Heating? It’s no problem if you don’t have gas installed. We can help set up a gas connection when we install a heating system.


Our helpful team would love to help you find the ideal cooling or heating solution for your home. We can attend to urgent repairs and offer annual service and maintenance plans.

Has your aircon sprung a leak? Making a funny sound or emitting a foul odour? Call us, and we’ll send round a friendly technician to inspect your system and repair it. If we need to order parts, we will provide you with a quote before we proceed.