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When we started Penair more than two decades ago, we chose our core values to be excellent service and quality products. These have been the backbone of our HVAC installation, repair, maintenance and cleaning services in Pymble and North Shore suburbs ever since.

Why Choose PenAir if You Live in Pymble?

We are a proud official Daikin dealer and work with all brands of air conditioners. Our ARC certification means all jobs retain their warranty status, and all our repairs are 100% guaranteed. You can trust in Penair. We are also licensed, registered and comply with the Australian Standards that guide our industry. What could be better?

Choosing the Right System

When you begin your search for a new HVAC system, it can be overwhelming to choose from the options. Penair would love the opportunity to share the various choices and help find a solution that will meet your needs. We install Daikin air conditioning products and Braemar ducted gas heating products, which we consider to be the best quality offerings on the market. We work on large luxury homes, commercial premises, and homes that are looking for a cost-effective cooling and heating offering.

Here are four popular choices.

Split System Air Conditioners work well if you want to cool or heat a specific area of a home. You can also opt for inverter and non-inverter air conditioning systems.
Benefits: Energy-efficient and gradually increases and decreases power output to avoid the noisy ‘stop/start’ method.

Multi-Split Systems are a great solution if you want to control the climate in different rooms.
Benefits: Suitable for installations where space is limited in the roof or floor. It comes in multiple energy sizes so it can be scaled for various room sizes.

Ducted Air Conditioning used hidden systems with air vents distributing flow throughout the home. Zone functions allow you to change temperatures individually.

VRV Systems are used for custom solutions. They allow a wide and varied selection of indoor units and control systems to connect to one or more outdoor units.

We work with a variety of systems including:

Did You Know?

Air conditioning units should be cleaned to eliminate dirt and grime buildup that put pressure on the system and can cause breakdowns and reduce their ability to cool your home. This state also reduces the lifespan of the product and increases energy usage. Cleaning air conditioners is part of a standard maintenance program we offer our customers. Your warranty likely requires the following to keep it valid:

  1. Regular cleaning of the air filters
  2. Clearing of the air inlet and outlet on the outdoor unit
  3. Ensuring that the condensate drain is kept clear and clean

However, there’s another reason we recommend you clean your units regularly. Dust, microbes, and moulds that settle in vents or filters can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory illnesses. You don’t want to gamble with your family’s health. Call Penair to discuss your service needs.

Location We Are Present In

Penair are the most reliable and reputable air conditioning company in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We are always professional, friendly, and on time. All our Daikin installations are backed by a 5 Year Parts and Labour warranty and carried out by qualified installation specialists.

We service all over Sydney’s northern suburbs as below. Please note, if your area is not listed, call us anyway as we are constantly updating our website.

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We are all about providing our customers with efficient and aesthetically pleasing HVAC solutions. We can help you today if you want us to quote on an HVAC installation. We’re known in Pymble for our professional and friendly service.

Why choose us?

At Peninsula Air Conditioning, we take pride in being your trusted partner for all your air conditioning needs in the northern and eastern suburbs of Sydney. With years of dedicated service, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence, reliability, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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Peninsula Air Conditioning stands out in Pymble for our commitment to excellence, local expertise and status as a Daikin Specialist Dealer. We offer top-notch installations and repairs, tailored to Pymble’s unique climate, ensuring your comfort is our priority.

Being a Daikin Specialist Dealer means we are extensively trained by Daikin and have access to their latest technologies. We’re certified to install, service and maintain Daikin systems, providing our customers in Pymble with the assurance of quality and cutting-edge HVAC solutions.

We understand the urgency of air conditioning issues, especially in Pymble’s varying climate. Our team strives to respond promptly to repair requests, ensuring your system is back to optimal performance as soon as possible.

Yes, we offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly in Pymble. Regular maintenance not only ensures optimal performance but also extends the lifespan of your unit, saving you from unexpected breakdowns.

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