Daikin WiFi Controller BRP072C42

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The Daikin WiFi Controller BRP072C42 enables you to control your Daikin split system air conditioner from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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*PLEASE* make sure you tell us in the Order Notes during checkout what system this Daikin WiFi controller is for.  This is important as there is an extra cable required (Free) for 2.0kW – 7.1kW Cora or Alira systems.


Daikin WiFi Controller BRP072C42 Key Benefits

  • Daikin WiFi controller lets you turn on and set the temperature of your air conditioning, in advance of your arrival
  • Remote parental system control whilst children are home alone
  • Free iOS & Android apps available for download


Daikin WiFi Controller BRP072C42 Features

  1. On·Off Control
  2. Mode Control
  3. Temperature Control
  4. Set Temperature Display
  5. On Timer
  6. Off Timer
  7. Configuration
  8. Name Setting
  9. Password Setting
  10. Child Lock
  11. Network Configuration Setting


Installing & Configuring the system

Installation is trivial for anyone with a small amount of DIY practice.  Make sure the power is off at the isolator to the condensing unit or at the switchboard.  Remove the front cover of the split system and then the cover of the indoor PCB.  Attach the cable from the BRP072C42 WiFi controller to the port marked S21 on the indoor PCB.  Replace the PCB cover and the front cover.  Using the supplied two-sided sticky tape attach the BRP072C42 to the wall next to the air conditioner or to the side of the front cover.  The system is easily configured using either DHCP or fixed IP addresses.  Please see the guides below for further information.  Full support is available should you encounter any difficulties.


Daikin WiFi Controller BRP072C42 Compatibility

Daikin warrants this product to work with their latest split systems, the new Cora series.  However, it should work perfectly with any Daikin split system that has an S21 port on the indoor PCB.  This is almost all systems manufactured in the last 8 years.  Please check your PCB before ordering, or better still call or email us.  We offer a full, no quibble, refund to anyone that purchases this controller and is unable to get it to work with their system.

We currently have these working in L series, K series, P series, Cora, Alira & multi-split systems.


Product Video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb7v8zAS4rw]


Daikin WiFi Controller BRP072C42 Apps

Free apps are available on iTunes and Google Play.

BRP072A42 Apps



Installation Instructions

BRP072A42 Installation Instructions