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Multi Split Air Conditioner

A multi split air conditioner is a great choice if you want to air condition more than one area and need to individually control the climate of each room. It is also a great alternative to a ducted system, if roof and under floor space is limited.

Multi split air conditioner systems can have several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit; the indoor units can be wall mounted, floor standing, ceiling cassettes, bulkhead units plus more and are connected by refrigerant pipes and cables to one outdoor unit.

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Multi Split Systems

A Daikin multi split air conditioner system can have up to five indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Whereas a super multi plus air conditioner system can have up to nine indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

They come in different energy sizes, the smallest outdoor unit being 5.2kW and the largest 15.5kW. The capacity of the outdoor unit determines how many indoor units can be run at full capacity simultaneously.

Here’s an example: One 7.1kW unit in the living area, one 3.5kW unit in bedroom 1 and one 3.5kW unit in bedroom 2. All of which, are connected to an 8.0kW outdoor unit. It would be unusual that the living area unit would need to be run at the same time as the bedroom units, therefore an 8.0kW outdoor unit should be sufficient since the maximum capacity being used would be 7.1kW during the day and 7.0kW during the night. However, if either or both of the other units did need to be run at the same time, and it is certainly possible, the capacity of the units being used would be reduced.

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Larger Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems

Super multi plus split air conditioner systems have the advantage of being able to add BP units; this allows you to choose from a wider range of different types of indoor units. These BP units also assist with the refrigerant gas allowing for longer pipe runs, which in turn means flexibility in the indoor unit locations and varying the refrigerant volume to meet the cooling requirements of the individual room spaces.

The DC inverter in the super multi plus split air conditioning systems has been designed with energy efficiency and quietness in mind. This is especially good in a residential situation when all the family are home at night, and with the night quiet mode the operating sound level reduces to just 43dB.

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WIFI Integration

Whisper Quiet

Allergy Aware

Why Choose PenAir for Multi Head Split Systems?

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Reliable and high quality products
  • Top quality materials
  • Daikin Specialist Dealer
  • Prompt, friendly team
  • Fully qualified, licensed and insured
  • No job too big or small
  • Government approved supplier
  • Electrical connections performed by qualified licenced personnel


During installation it is possible to set one room as a ‘priority room’; this means when all indoor units are running together that the ‘Priority Room’ has control over the following functions:

  • Graphic Showing how Daikin Multi Split Systems WorkInverter Powerful Operation – when powerful operation is selected the capacity to the priority room is increase by shifting capacity from units in other rooms (capacity in other rooms may decrease slightly). After 20 minutes, all units automatically return to their original settings.
  • Operation Mode – the mode operation to change the system between cooling and heating modes is given preference to the ‘priority room’. Please note the units in the other rooms will go onto standby until they are on the same mode as the priority room and the priority room will be the only room that can determine the mode setting.
  • Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation – can be activated from the one room – the priority room, if the priority room option is not active then all rooms have to set the outdoor unit quiet operation for the outdoor unit to go into quiet operation.


New! Daikin Online Controller – control your Daikin multi split system with your SmartPhone!

Mobile Phone Screen Showing Daikin Remote Controller Available on SmartPhones - Peninsula Air ConditioningThe indoor units come with standard individual remote controllers, although it is possible to have a wired central controller; these vary from standard ON/OFF controllers to highly sophisticated controllers that can control up to 64 groups/indoor units, great for large commercial buildings and hotels.