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How Do I Book a Service for My Air Conditioner?

Author Rod Marchant-Smith | Peninsula Air Conditioning

Roseville resident, Kenny asks

“Our air conditioning hasn’t been serviced in almost 12 months, and now that it’s coming up to summer, we’d like to have someone come out and check it over. How do we go about booking a service technician to inspect and service our air conditioning unit?”

Booking a service with us is easy. It’s always best to give us a call and we’ll organise to come out and inspect the unit. However, there are a few things you can do as part of customer preparedness.

You have two easy options to book a service with us. You can call us and schedule a service with our team, or you can make an inquiry online, and we will contact you to schedule a booking. For online booking, simply fill in the digital form, and we’ll usually get back to you the same day – apart from weekends and holidays.

With our first contact with you, our team member will ask you if you are an existing client of ours, if we installed the system, and how old the system is. We offer existing clients special rates, so be sure to let us know. We will also check your information in our records, details of prior service or maintenance work, and see if the system is under warranty.

We’ll then ask for details about your aircon system, including the brand, type of system, and the number of units if we don’t already have this information. For example, we will determine if it is split or ducted. If it is a multi-split system, we’ll need to know how many indoor heads the system has.

This detail will help us allocate sufficient time to the inspection and quote you the relevant price for servicing your particular set-up. Finally, we will ask you to describe the problems you are experiencing in detail so we can brief our technicians on what to expect when they visit your property. We can then advise you of our lead time and when our technician will be available to visit your property.

We will also quote you the relevant service fee based on the air conditioning system in your home or business. This will be summarised in a confirmation email, so you have all the details on hand.  Payment for a service is required on the day. Credit card details can be provided when you book your service.

We will do our best to schedule the inspection at a time that is convenient for you. We offer morning (between 7.30 am and 1.00 pm) and afternoon slots (between noon and 5.00 pm). Many of our clients are comfortable leaving keys out for us to gain access to the property if they cannot be there. Alternatively, we can liaise with your real estate agent to get into the property.

Both the health and safety of your family or staff, as well as that of our technicians, are important to us. When we arrive at the property, we will conduct a quick health and safety check of the property to make sure the units can be accessed safely. If you have any concerns about the position of your system, please discuss this with us when you book your service. We need to make provisions to ensure we can access the units safely beforehand to avoid having to rebook a service on an outdoor unit that we feel could compromise safety.

There are a couple of ways you can help us make the service more efficient too. Please ensure dogs are supervised, or locked up safely, while our technicians are onsite and make arrangements for our team to have onsite parking or road parking outside the property to access their vehicle and tools. Parking fees and ferry trips (this is relevant for clients in Scotland Island and Elvina Bay) will be added to the final account, as well as any additional time needed for transit.

The price you are quoted to service your unit is based on the fee for general service of your particular system.

Note, that we don’t carry specific filters with us, but we do carry filter material, which is designed to replace existing air filter materials in most conventional home air conditioning systems. If our technician discovers that a ducted system needs an air balance when they inspect the unit or other problems that need to be seen to, we will schedule a further date and time to attend to it if there isn’t enough time for us to carry it out there and then. Everything after the callout allotted time is on an hourly rate. So if the technician returns to repair, this does not incur another callout charge.

Our team will clear up the site when the work is finished leaving your property in a safe and tidy state. Our technician will also spend time with you ensuring you are aware of all the operating features of your system and how to ensure you achieve the most efficient use of it going forward.

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That’s everything you need to know about booking service for your air conditioning system. If you have any further queries feel free to contact us or run through them when you chat with our bookings team. We are also more than happy to provide you with a quote. Our team services many locations across Sydney including Mona Vale, North Willoughby, Belrose, Newport, and more!

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