When Should I Hire an Air Conditioning Contractor When I’m Renovating?

Author Rod Marchant-Smith | Peninsula Air Conditioning

Palm Beach resident, Sharon asks

“We’re about to start renovating our newly purchased property at Palm Beach and wanted to get some advice on when best to consult with an air conditioning expert. Should we speak with an air conditioning technician before we start, before we have the plans drawn or at a later stage?”

When you’re renovating your home, you need to call in the air conditioner installer at two points. It’s critical to get them in at an early phase, or you risk delaying your renovation down the line or incurring unnecessary costs.

Phase 1: Planning

Your AC contractor needs to be part of the planning process to give you the best advice and explain your options. You don’t want to discover you have sent your plans to the council for approval, but your design team has forgotten to include the locations of the outdoor units. Planning the location of the outdoor unit is crucial, as you need to ensure that you avoid impacting your neighbours with your unit. This is particularly important in areas with high-density housing. You need to ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations of the Development Application (DA) process and avoid disputes, penalties, or legal action.

Phase 2: The build

The next time you need to get your AC contractor involved is once the frame is up and the roof is going on. We will need to consult with both the owner and the builder at this point. When we quote for an installation, we provide the client with an indication of costs based on the information they supply us with. Typically the plans need to be adapted once on-site. We need the builder to confirm the placement of our units, as space allocations may have changed. A lot can change once the builder is on-site and tweaks to the design are made. Once we have this information, we can provide the client with a firm quote.

Another reason we supply an ‘indication’ of costs before the build starts, is because the pricing of materials can change in the lengthy period between planning and the construction.

Get advice early on

For a large home that requires a VRV system, which can cost from $25,000 plus, we will be involved right from the start, working with the architect. For all homeowners, particularly if you want ducted air conditioning, you must ensure your architect makes allowances for air conditioning. You need to make design decisions that will allow for a crawl space, for example.

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