Choosing a Multi-Split System Air Conditioner

There are a lot of benefits to a multi-split system air conditioner, but it’s probably best if we first define just what a multi-split system air conditioner is. Multi-split systems both cool and heat and can even act as humidifiers. At Peninsula Air Conditioning, we offer several different varieties of multi-split systems, particularly Daikin multi-split systems. But how do you choose?

Super Multi NX

The Super Multi NX multi-split type air conditioner from Daikin is one of the best multi-split system air conditioners there is. It’s based on the principle that you use only certain parts of your house at a time, so there’s no need to be paying to cool the whole thing all day long. 

For example, you’re only in your bedroom eight hours a day, so why would you want to be pumping cold air–cold air that you’re paying for–into that bedroom every hour of the day. It’s better to use a multi-split air conditioner like a Daikin multi-split system and cool only the rooms that you need. 

The Super Multi NX has a single outdoor unit that connects to up to five indoor units, so no matter where you are in the house you can turn on the cool air. It’s small but powerful, and it’s an energy-efficient device. 

The Super Multi NX can divide the air flow into just two rooms if you’re using only two rooms, or it can cool five areas at a time if that’s what your home needs. 

Super Multi Plus

The Daikin multi-split systems Super Multi Plus multi-split system air conditioner is a larger unit that cools more spacious homes than the Super Multi NX does. With three different options for outdoor units (11.2, 14, and 15.5 kW classes) and a maximum of nine indoor units, this Daikin multi-split system has the flexibility to tackle the largest homes or smaller homes with unique characteristics.

The Super Multi Plus also offers a lot of variety for the in-house units: 32 models of indoor units are available for whatever need you have, including wall-mounted cassette, ceiling-mounted built-in, ceiling suspended, duct-connected, wall-mounted, floor-standing, and floor/ceiling dual types–all of which come in different variants to match your needs. 

The Super Multi Plus is also energy efficient, with a high COP (coefficient of performance), which is calculated in Capacity divided by Power Consumption. 

It also has quiet operation, including night quiet mode. 


No matter what kind of home or living situation you’re in, from a small bungalow to a large sprawling rambler, the multi-split system air conditioner can be a perfect option to keep your house cool and your energy bills down. 

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