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Daikin electrical requirements

Author Rod Marchant-Smith | Peninsula Air Conditioning

There have been a number of changes to these recently and this post aims to lay out clearly what is required. There’s a couple of things to watch out for straight away…

Know your Daikin air conditioner electrical requirements!
    • FTXS50L & FTXS60L split systems are rated at 15amps. This means they cannot be installed on a 10amp circuit that is normally found in a residential property. A dedicated circuit back to the mains board is the way to go. In the past many installers have connected these to the standard power circuits in a residential home. This is absolutely not on so please make sure you get a dedicated circuit back to the board.
    • Single-phase ducted systems from the FDYQ100LV1 and up are now required to be on 40amp dedicated circuits. In the past, these were 32amp circuits so this is quite a jump, especially for the smaller 100 and 125 series systems.
daikin air conditioner electrical requirements
AS/NZS 3000
  • Please note that if you are installing multiple splits into the same domestic residence you are well advised to connect them to a dedicated circuit back to the mains. This can avoid unwanted problems later on when you add new appliances and find the circuit overloaded. Most air conditioner manufacturers, including Daikin, would advise a separate circuit for every air conditioner irrespective of capacity.
  • 3 phase air conditioners can be slightly more efficient than their single-phase equivalents so it is best to install them if you have 3-phase power available. Large single-phase air conditioners can be problematic when installed on 3 phase power systems. The electrician may well have to try and rebalance the phases to get distribution back to a more even footing.
Daikin L series split system electrical characteristics
Model number Circuit type Maximum fuse amps
FTXS20L Single phase 10
FTXS25L Single phase 10
FTXS35L Single phase 10
FTXS46L Single phase 10
FTXS50L Single phase 15
FTXS60L Single phase 15
FTXS71L Single phase 20
FTXS85L Single phase 20
FTXS95L Single phase 20
Daikin multi split system electrical characteristics
Model number Circuit type Maximum fuse amps
3MXS52E Single phase 20
3MXS68E Single phase 20
4MXS80E Single phase 20
5MXS100E Single phase 30
Daikin ducted system electrical characteristics
Model number Circuit type Maximum fuse amps
FDYQ50DV1 Single phase 20
FDYQ60LV1 Single phase 20
FDYQ71LV1 Single phase 25
FDYQN71LV1 Single phase 25
FDYQ100LV1 Single phase 40
FDYQ100LV1 Three phase 25
FDYQN100LV1 Single phase 40
FDYQ125LV1 Single phase 40
FDYQ125LV1 Three phase 25
FDYQN125LV1 Single phase 40
FDYQ140LV1 Single phase 40
FDYQ140LV1 Three phase 25
FDYQN140LV1 Single phase 40
FDYQ160LV1 Single phase 40
FDYQ180LV1 Three phase 25
FDYQ200LV1 Three phase 25
FDYQ200NLV1 Three phase 25
FDYQ250LV1 Three phase 25
FDYQN250LV1 Three phase 25

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