One of the things about multi-national businesses is that they invest in the countries that they operate in.  This sounds obvious but the general public can be wary.

Quite a few people are more than a little xenophobic when it comes to purchasing goods from overseas.  Many a time we have heard how someone wishes to purchase XYZ brand because they are saving Aussie jobs.  But the truth is the multi-national brand that they’ve just dismissed may well employ more people in Australia than the ‘home brew’ they’ve just decided to purchase from.

Daikin Manufacturing Facility Sydney

Take Daikin as an example.  Established here in Australia in the 1960’s, and not with just an office with a few desk bound salespeople, but a proper business employing many Australians with many varying skills.  Have a look at this video of one of the current Daikin manufacturing facilities in Sydney for an idea of their manufacturing processes and the people they employ.

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