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How Often Should you Have your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Author Rod Marchant-Smith | Peninsula Air Conditioning

Pymble resident, John asks

“How often should we have our air conditioner serviced? We moved into a rental unit about 18 months ago and the air conditioning hasn’t been serviced at all during that time. Is that normal or should we organise to have it looked at?”

Great question John and one that we receive frequently here at PenAir.  Annual servicing is usually sufficient however there are a number of exceptions to the rule which might require more frequent servicing intervals.

As said, in most homes, where an air conditioner has been installed for general use, an annual service is usually sufficient.  If you use your system a lot, we recommend you book a service more regularly.  It’s a good idea to book between the seasons too, so you know it’s working efficiently when you need it most.  It’s wise to service your system even if you don’t use it often because parts can seize with infrequent use, while dust and insect buildup can cause other issues.

If you have pets in the home, however, you may also need to schedule more frequent servicing.  Pet hair can become clogged up in the system and the ductwork.  Commercial environments and medical premises in particular also need more frequent maintenance and servicing.  For example, kitchens, cafes and restaurants – if the environment involves food production, the condensate drains quickly accumulate dirt or oils and are prone to blockages.

Servicing plans we provide

At PenAir we offer a range of commercial contract options from monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly to six-monthly.  It’s particularly advisable to have systems cleaned internally between seasons to remove germs and bacteria that have accumulated during winter and reduce staff illness in the workplace.  We can recommend the best option based on the work environment and the footfall of the area.

For critical situations such as data centres, where servers need to be kept at a certain temperature to ensure efficiency, we recommend firstly having redundancy in place.  That is, two or more systems to prevent any outages or downtime, and in turn more frequent servicing intervals.  The same is applicable to other situations where cooling is needed for more than comfort.

Don’t forget, air conditioner filters need to be cleaned frequently too.  This is a task you can do on your own, outside of your annual service.  We recommend you check the manufacturer’s guidelines or operational handbook first, however.  Once you’ve removed the filters, hose them down gently with warm or cold water.  Give them a gentle brush down and allow them to dry before replacing them in the system.

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