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Australia is a country of weather extremes. When the heat is on or the temperature drops, we turn on the air conditioner. With such temperature extremes split system air conditioners are ideal for both cooling and heating a specific area of a home. So, you may ask, what is a split system air conditioner and how much is it going to cost me? Well, let’s find out.

What is a split system air conditioner?

As the name suggests, this is an air conditioning system that is split into two parts–an indoor unit which is either freestanding (but still attached to the lower part of the wall) or hung on the wall, near the ceiling in the room you want to temperature control, and a condenser, which is installed outside the house. Both units are connected through insulated copper piping and electrical cables which run through the wall, to ensure the aesthetics of the room are not spoilt.

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Types of split system air conditioners

As we’ve mentioned, each home has its unique requirements and therefore it is important that you also know the different types of systems available as these work on the same principle but are suitable for different homes and heating/cooling needs. In turn, affecting the price you pay.

  • Reverse cycle split system: used to cool your home on hot summer days and heat your home in winter.
  • Inverter system: makes sure the air conditioner’s compressor is at an appropriate speed to maintain the desired temperature. In turn, being more energy-efficient and saving you money on your bills. These days most systems have inverters.
  • Multisplit system: unlike a regular split system which has one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, a multi-split system has one large outdoor unit that is connected to two or more indoor units. Allowing you to heat/cool multiple rooms at the same time. In this case, extra piping is required and therefore, it is recommended that the outdoor unit be located as centrally as possible.

A closer look at the numbers:

So, now that you have a gist of what a split system air conditioner is and how it works, let’s take a closer look at the factors that will affect the pricing.

With every home being different and requiring a tailored solution, without an onsite inspection it is impossible to give anything more than a ballpark figure for the cost of installation. Therefore, we recommend giving our team a call on 1300 889 309 to book a free onsite inspection and receive an obligation free quote.

Nevertheless, to give you some ballpark figures:

  • Small room or bedroom = $2,000.
  • Medium-sized room or bedroom= = $2,500.
  • Large bedroom or small living room = $2,900.
  • Medium living room = $3,300.
  • Large living room requiring a heavy heat load = $3,750.
  • Biggest system possible = $4,250+.

In the meantime, to give you some insight into the estimated costs of split system air conditioning we answer some of the commonly asked questions.

  1. How much does a split system air conditioning unit cost?
    It is important to choose the right size system for your room and home. For instance, a small air conditioning unit will not provide the level of cooling required in a large room and will not only waste energy but will also cost you more to run.Factors affecting the cost of a split system air conditioning unit.
    The price you pay will vary depending on a few factors, such as
    • The brand and model: As with many products you have the low-range, mid-range, and high-range all at varying price points. Likewise, with air conditioning systems you will be spoilt for choice, with several brands at different prices.Here at Peninsula Air Conditioning, we trust only the best–Daikin. Not only are they reliable, efficient, and cost-effective but the parts are also easily available and replaceable should anything go wrong. This is not the case with many other brands on the market and is something to consider for saving money in the long run.
    • Size and capacity: A unit providing a higher energy output will cost more than one with lower energy output.
    • Smart features: In this tech-savvy world, everyone is looking for the latest smart features to meet their desired requirements. With all technology advancing there is no surprise that air conditioning systems have also evolved to include smart features such as sensors, eco-modes, Wi-Fi, and app compatibility.
    • The time of year you purchase the unit: We all seek a bargain, whether that be waiting for the end-of-financial-year sales, Christmas sales or the Black Friday deals. There are times in the year that we can save money and make a cost-effective purchase.
  1. How much does a split system air conditioning installation cost?
    The installation of a split system air conditioner needs to be carried out by a licensed technician; therefore, you must account for their fees as well as the cost of purchasing the air conditioning unit.Factors affecting the cost of installing a split system air conditioning unit.
    The rate you pay depends on several factors including:
    • Where you live: If you live in a small apartment with a small balcony and/or share walls with other apartments, this may dictate where you can locate your system. In such circumstances, you will need to check whether the system is quiet enough to meet local council noise regulations and may also require body corporate approval to go ahead.It is advisable that you arrange for an onsite inspection to get specialist advice on the best location to install your unit and have your home carefully assessed to receive an accurate quote.

If you would like to book a free onsite inspection, call us on
1300 889 309.

  • The air conditioning unit you have chosen: Different brands of split system air conditioner differ slightly from one another, but the installation process is the same. However, the price will vary depending on the size of the unit and the type of system.
  • How many units you are installing: Such installations incur extra costs in terms of material and labour. For instance, the more units you install, the more time it will take, in which case increasing the price.
  • Ease of access and installation on your property: Every house has its unique layout and is designed differently. Bearing this in mind, access to the roof and tight spaces may create more work and impact the installation costs.
  • Additional services: In some cases, upgrading of the switchboard may be necessary or it may require electrical tasks for which you will need to hire an electrician. The extra labour and components will lead to more costs.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of installation will depend on several factors and a true quote can only be provided once we carry out an onsite assessment and we know the size of the split system we are working with.

It is worthwhile to note that split systems are much cheaper to install than ducted air conditioning, which is more complex, and pricing can run into 10,000+. Find everything you need to know about the ducted air conditioning cost.

Getting the right price

If you are seeking quotes for split system air conditioning systems, we will work with you to tailor a solution that suits you and your home, while providing you with an accurate quote.

Before you go ahead and make any purchases and commitments, there are a few things we suggest you consider:

  • What type of air conditioning system is right for me and my home?
    Depending on the size and layout of your home, a split system air conditioner unit may not necessarily be the most appropriate, you may instead require a ducted system.
  • What size air conditioner do I need?
    To determine what capacity air conditioner you need, you will need to consider:
    The size of your home: larger homes require larger capacity units. If you own a multi-storey home, then you may require units in different areas, adding to the cost.
    The ceiling height: a home with high ceilings requires a unit with a larger capacity system due to the larger volume of air.
  • How much does an air conditioning unit cost?
    You will want to remain within your budget but at the same time consider the quality, energy efficiency, long-term costs and longevity of the system. All of which will affect the price you pay.
  • What factors will affect the quote?
    As mentioned earlier, several factors will influence your final quote. Other influencing factors include:
    – the amount of refrigeration piping and interconnecting cable used,
    – amount of trunking required,
    – switchboard upgrade (if required).

split system air conditioner installation

Key things to remember before you purchase and pay

So, you think you have found the perfect split system air conditioner and decided on finalising a quote. Before you go ahead and finalise a quote and make payments, here is some advice to consider:

  • Ensure you have two to three quotes for comparison so that you can get a sense of what the current market rates are.
  • Always choose a reputable installer who is correctly licensed.
  • Ensure you get the quote in writing. If they cannot provide this, then don’t bother.
  • Most importantly, the air conditioning industry is guided by regulations placed by the Department of Fair Trading. This allows contractors to charge a maximum deposit of 10%. If a contractor asks for higher deposits, refer them to the department’s rules.
    At Peninsula Air Conditioning we strongly abide by these guidelines and you will only receive a final bill once we complete the installation, this is usually a day or two after.

In 2024, with living expenses and inflation continuing to rise, Australian homeowners are more mindful than ever about the cost-efficiency and energy consumption of their heating and cooling solutions. Split system air conditioners remain a popular choice for their versatility in both warming and cooling specific areas of the home. However, the financial landscape of 2024 has prompted a sharper focus on selecting systems that not only meet the immediate comfort needs but also contribute to long-term savings. Homeowners are now prioritizing models with higher energy efficiency ratings and inverter technology, which can significantly lower utility bills despite initial higher costs. This trend reflects a broader shift towards sustainability and economic prudence, as individuals seek to balance their desire for comfort with the necessity of managing escalating household expenses in a challenging economic environment.

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