What Are the Most Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems?

Author Rod Marchant-Smith | Peninsula Air Conditioning

Having an air conditioning system you can count on offers peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for AC for your home or business, you want a system that reliably maintains a comfortable temperature.

At the same time, energy efficiency is an increasingly important concern for Australians and people across the world. Some are attracted to the reduced environmental impact. Others focus on the cost savings that come with using less energy. And many individuals, families, and businesses recognize how important both benefits can be.

There’s good news when it comes to AC units and energy efficiency. Technological advances continue to deliver air conditioning units that are energy efficient while offering high-quality performance.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can find energy savings while using any AC system. Then, we’ll review the most energy-efficient air conditioning systems.

Cutting Energy Consumption With Your Existing Air Conditioner

There are plenty of simple changes you can make to cut down on your energy costs and usage, such as:

  • Find a comfortable and temperate setting. What is the most energy-efficient temperature for air conditioning? A setting of 24°C, and even a few degrees higher in many situations, will make your home comfortable but not too cold.
  • Take advantage of timers. Set timers to turn off your AC when no one is home or your business is closed. It’s important to be mindful of different energy rates at different times of the day. And of the energy needed to cool a home after the AC is turned off. However, limiting overall use can often lower costs.
  • Use fans and shades: Fans can help to circulate air and make a space feel cooler. Shades limit the amount of direct sunlight that warms an indoor space.

A closeup view of a hand using a remote for an air conditioner.

The Most Energy-Efficient AC Systems

When it comes to energy efficiency in air conditioning systems, there are two key points to keep in mind:

  1. Every space is different. That means the most efficient system can change based on the specific nature of the space you want to cool.
  2. You can find an energy-efficient system for your needs, and a professional can help you do exactly that.

With that in mind, a small split system AC tends to offer low costs and reduced energy use while still keeping a space cool. That’s not to say ducted air conditioning energy efficiency, or the performance of VRV or another system, is poor. It all depends on the specifics.

At Peninsula Air, we’re proud to feature Daikin air conditioning systems. Daikin always prioritises energy efficiency in its AC systems. By choosing an AC system from Daikin’s range and having it professionally installed and serviced by dependable technicians, you can stay cool, keep costs low, and reduce environmental impact.

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