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Can I Service My Air Conditioner Myself or Should I Call a Service Technician?

Author Rod Marchant-Smith | Peninsula Air Conditioning

Mona Vale resident, Tom asks

“I want to try and save some money and service our air conditioning unit myself? What needs to be done – just change the filters? Do I need any special tools or anything, and what about our warranty? Will our warranty be void if I open the unit and work on it myself?”

Basic maintenance such as replacing or cleaning filters can usually be carried out by homeowners. In fact, it’s usually recommended as part of basic care, however, servicing is always best left to qualified professionals.

Many parts of most modern air conditioning systems can’t be accessed without the correct tools, equipment and of course the required expertise and experience that our qualified technicians provide.  We never recommend homeowners start opening up their systems in an effort to troubleshoot or repair them.  Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why we don’t recommend you service your air conditioner on your own.

You could damage the system

Without precise knowledge about the system, you could inadvertently touch a component causing damage.  This is particularly important when it comes to ducting.  If you enter a roof space, you risk crushing the ductwork, which will either need to be repaired or need to be replaced.  Our technicians are experienced and will disconnect ducts if necessary, to prevent damage to the system while they are performing a service.

You’ll probably miss signs that repairs are needed

Our technicians are equipped with a range of tools that are manufacturer-specific and that they rely on to help diagnose problems with certain air conditioning systems.  In other words, they are able to accurately diagnose potential faults and problems using equipment that’s only available to licensed air conditioning technicians.

As qualified professionals, we’re also looking for potential issues that might be likely to happen in the near future – that may not be a problem right now.  All of this comes down to experience which most homeowners wouldn’t have.  By diagnosing these issues early, you can avoid further damage, or any other problems occurring that could be costly.

You could invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty

When it comes to performing an inspection on the unit, we’ll usually always need to remove the covers to assess the motors and the electric components.  If work like this isn’t performed by a qualified technician, you could void your warranty.  If the system fails entirely whilst under warranty, and the manufacturer performs an inspection and discovers the work has been carried out on it by someone who is not a licensed technician, they’ll void your warranty and you’ll be left with potentially expensive repairs or replacement costs.

You put your health and safety at risk

Inspecting your air conditioner or working on it might seem like its fairly straight forward but it can be dangerous and we’ve certainly seen how things can end badly for homeowners attempting their own repairs.

What you need to be mindful of is that air conditioners are full of electrical components that can cause serious injury or death if operated on incorrectly.  It’s imperative that any type of service work that means opening up of the unit, be performed by a trained technician, using the necessary equipment and precautions.

Another thing to be mindful of is that many external units can be mounted quite high on walls and ceilings which may require ladders to gain access.  Again we’ve seen homeowners injured due to falling off ladders or losing their footings when trying to gain access to air conditioning units.

At PenAir we have the necessary equipment and insurance to undertake the work which is always recommended.  You don’t want to risk electrocution, a fall or exposure to mould and dust either.

The bottom line is that we recommend you book an annual air conditioning service with a qualified team.  It will keep your system working efficiently, and ensure that you don’t cause otherwise avoidable damage to it.

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