Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating is a great alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning, especially if you believe you are unlikely to require cooling in the summer months.

System and installation

If you already have a gas supply into your home you needn’t worry about connection charges.  If you don’t it may still be possible to have gas heating installed, contact us and we can look into this for you.  At certain times of the year there are promotions from the gas supply and/or appliance companies that may mean connection is free.  So it’s well worth a phone call to us to find out.

Ducted air conditioning

Premium Gas Heating

You can download the Lennox Gas Heating brochure below. This brochure gives you full details of 3, 4, 5 and 6 star ducted gas heating systems. The ducted gas heating system comes as a complete unit. Some can be split into two parts for ease of access, and can be installed into various locations within your home. Underfloor, in the roof space or even externally. The most common option is underfloor ducted gas heating with floor grilles supplying the air throughout your home. If the system is located in the roof space then a platform would be installed into the roof for the system to stand on, as well as a light and power point. These items are a requirement of your ducted gas heating system as without them service engineers will refuse to perform maintenance.


Whisper Quiet

Allergy Aware


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Connection of the central heating system to the mains gas supply would be carried out by a qualified plumber. And the electrical requirements would be completed by a qualified electrician. It is important to get a Certificate of Compliance from the plumber as this is needed to qualify for any of the promotions that may be running at the time of installation. The ducted gas heating system can be installed with multiple zones around the home. It is also possible to have individual temperature control within each zone, thus having greater control over your comfort. Have a look at the image below for a good idea of what is possible. (click it for a larger version).

Flexible duct is then connected to the system supplying air to the outlets in your home. We use R1.0 insulated duct

  • Some heaters can be split into two sections allowing installation into tight spaces
  • Large selection of grilles allowing total flexibility to fit in with your interior décor
  • Multiple zones, optionally each with individual temperature settings
  • Special allergy filters available
  • Add on cooling capable – split your capital cost between seasons
  • R1.0 insulated duct for the best efficiency


There are many types of floor grille that can be chosen for your supply air outlets. These vary from ultra modern industrial looking grilles to traditional distressed bronze grilles, and everything in between. You can view the options on our grilles page. Please note that items marked Price Group A are included in all our quotes whilst those marked Price Groups B and C are options at additional expense. You can also decide to have aluminium grilles powder coated to any colour you like within the Dulux Power Coat Range. A word of caution though – floor grilles do tend to be trodden on and have furniture moved across them and over time this can chip the paintwork. Ceiling grilles tend to be the ubiquitous round or MDO type.

Although as with floor grilles you can have aluminium bar grilles powder coated to your choice of colour. Another word of caution – round ceiling grilles are popular amongst installers because they are easy to cut and, unlike MDO’s or bar grilles, you don’t have to line them up carefully with the contours of each individual room. However… they are not very effective at distributing warm air as they tend to push the air out sideways not downwards. And as we all know hot air rises! Which can leave you with a nice warm head but freezing feet. The central heating system will also have a return air grille. This can be positioned in unobtrusive locations such as the sidewall of the stairwell, the floor of a cupboard with a door relief grille or even below a TV cabinet/unit. In exposed floor areas these tend to be made of natural anodised aluminium.


Various models of the ducted gas heating systems can also have a refrigerated air conditioning module fitted for the best of both worlds. The add on air conditioning system can even be retro fitted at a later date thus enabling a spread of capital investment. The air conditioning module comes in 2 parts – the fancoil is connected to your central heating system and would need to be positioned in the same location whilst the condenser would be positioned outside and connected by refrigerant piping. If this is something that you may consider let us know at the time of quoting as larger duct and grilles would be required to cope with the greater air flow for cool air.